Supporting Czech Charities

Supporting local Czech Charities through fundraising, donations, and direct hands-on volunteering is a major part of IWAP’s mission. It is the way IWAP members give back to the beautiful community in which we are privileged to live.

How are charities chosen?

IWAP supports charities which provide services to people within the Czech Republic. The IWAP Charity Committee assesses all requests for money by examining the financial statements, list of donors, interviewing the director and other personnel as well as on-site visits. In selecting charities, the Committee considers projects where the donation will make a difference. The committee must also evaluate how much money IWAP will be able to donate in the year. A separate bank account is maintained exclusively for charity donations. IWAP has supported more than 60 charity projects since 2007.

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How can you help?

  • Participate on the IWAP Charity Committee
  • Make direct cash donations to IWAP Charity fund
  • Attend IWAP Charity Pop-up events
  • Host a Charity Pop-up event
  • Participate in the IWAP Charity Market
  • Donate vouchers for Charity raffles
  • Donate homemade items to sell at IWAP GMs
Charity Popup Tea Party Event

IWAP Charity Pop-up Events

How to donate?

You can donate to the IWAP Charity Account by bank transfer. 100% of these funds are directed to charities.

You can donate to the IWAP Charity Account via bank transfer:

Account number: 4561765001/5500
Please contact the IWAP office if you need IBAN details to make a SEPA or other foreign transaction.


If you have questions, please email